Hives are a skin condition that will often worry a parent when they appear on their child.  They are quite common and are not contagious.  Certainly, if you are concerned about the hives, or you worry that your child has another condition altogether, seek attention from your pediatrician or from a dermatologist like Dr. Larry Jaeger.

Hives can appear in many shapes and sizes on the skin, but they are usually well defined with a pale, central, raised area that is surrounded by a red border.  They are often itchy and usually last from a few hours to a few days.  They can, however, last longer and they may move from one place on the body to another.

It’s possible to get hives for many reasons. They may be a reaction to something your child has eaten. They might be a reaction to allergens like to cats. Your child might get hives when he has a cold or viral infection, or he might get them from a dramatic change in temperatures. Finally, some children will react to antibiotics and other medications by breaking out in hives.