Dr. Larry Jaeger is a board certified Dermatologist practicing in New York specializing in the treatment of skin, hair and nail disorders including all skin growths. As the founder and owner of Advanced Dermatology Associates, a network of skin care treatment clinics and treatment centers in Manhattan and The Bronx, Larry Jaeger has successfully diagnosed and treated thousands of New York patients suffering form all forms of skin disease.

Dr. Larry Jaeger has a stellar reputation as an extremely knowledgeable Dermatologist. Originally from New York, he graduated with honors from Rutgers University in New Jersey. His medical training began in Missouri where he obtained his medical degree and then returned to New York to complete a 4 year specialty training in the field of Dermatology. After being appointed Chief resident at St. Barnabus Hospital, he was later named Instructor of Dermatology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr. Larry Jaeger founded Advanced Dermatology Associates,a skin care treatment clinic in New York in 1991 and began to concentrate on providing the best skin care treatments for Dermatology patients in New York. Concerned with rising health care costs and the need for affordable treatments, Larry Jaeger expanded his practice into The Bronx where his dedication to helping a low income demographic
with affordable healthcare resulted in the growth of Advanced Dermatology Associates into the largest privately held network of skin care treatment centers in The Bronx.

Larry Jaeger is known for adherence to a treatment philosophy that seeks to cure the underlying problem causing the skin disorder and not just treating the visable symptoms. He continues to remain current with the latest advancements in Medical,Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology to ensure his patients are receiving the most up to date treatments.

Larry Jaeger also founded Central Park Medical Associates, a private and discreet testing and treatment center for all forms of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

Larry Jaeger is a member of the following organizations:
American Osteopathic Association
American Osteopathic College of Dermatology
American Medical Association
American Phlebotomy Association
Internal Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons