Sun Exposure Advice for Adults: Dr. Lawrence Jaeger

If you are an adult who works in the sun, there are a number of important steps that you need to take to limit your sun exposure.  There are a number of clothing lines that actually provide SPF protection, while also offering a loose and comfortable fit.  Make sure you have a good hat and… Read More

Common Skin Problems in Children: Dr. Lawrence Jaeger

Some parents panic if they see something that looks unusual on a child’s skin. There are, however, many common skin problems that children can have which are manageable.  Certainly, if you have fears or are unsure about a particular skin problem, you can always consult your dermatologist, like Dr. Lawrence Jaeger of Larchmont, New York.… Read More

Dangerous Signs with Moles: Dr. Lawrence Jaeger

Certainly, if you have moles, you should be careful about paying attention to them and knowing when there are danger signs.  You should get your moles looked at once a year to make sure that you aren’t in any danger. Certainly, if you see these irregular mole types, you should seek assistance from an expert… Read More

Getting the Facts on Shingles: Dr. Lawrence Jaeger

One of the many skin conditions that might send you running to the doctor is shingles.  Certainly, a specialist in dermatology like Dr. Lawrence Jaeger of Larchmont, New York, can help you to understand shingles better and to know how to deal with it. Shingles is a common viral infection of the nerves.  It creates… Read More

Skin Treatment Expert

Dr. Larry Jaeger, resident of Larchmont, New York, is a specialist in Medical, Surgical. and Cosmetic Dermatology. He has owned and operated his New York Dermatology practice for over twenty-five years and is respected by patients and peers. Larry Jaeger has an encyclopedic knowledge base of skin disease and conditions. He is Board Certified as… Read More